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Ecobloom are using technology to reconnect people with nature. Their first product, the EcoGarden, allows you to grow a variety of fresh herbs and vegetables all year round, with no prior gardening knowledge.
The EcoGarden, a combination of smart miniature garden and self-cleaning aquarium

By purchasing ECOins you can join Ecobloom as a co-founder and become a catalyst for our shared mission to create a better and more sustainable world for future generations.
Monnerville designs ethical, minimalist, sportswear inspired clothes.

Athleisure that makes you feel & look good. Ethically crafted in London.
Urban Jersey is locally sourced and produced in West London in small batches in order to avoid wastage.
Lysclare is challenging the aesthetics industry establishment, showing that things can be done better.
eHempHouse has developed the Smartbox® hemp processing system to be a trigger for the Green Industrial Revolution across Africa. Hemp cultivation is an answer to climate change and is the basis for a decarbonised, sustainable, and environmentally friendly industrial system.
eHempHouse are also teaching organic regenerative agriculture on their 1,000-acre farm in Zambia. You can now sponsor local women through the training and help transform their lives and those of their families, and communities.

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