The platform enabling customers to become co-founders.

Powered by you, Cofndrs is a technology platform that brings brands and customers together to collaborate for change through socially and environmentally conscious initiatives.

The app enables you to join a community focused on positive change. As a co-founder you will not only boost the financing of innovative new products but also have input to their development. You are part of the solution.

Reimagine the impact you can have through collaboration with the brands you love

Join a community

Play an active role in a cause you believe in, alongside a business that shares your values
Influence product development

Your opinions matter and will help shape future innovation
Access exclusive benefits

Receive discounts and additional Value Backed Coins when you collaborate with businesses
Value guaranteed

Your Value Backed Coins will always be worth their original cash value
Spread the word

Become an ambassador for the business to earn extra Value Backed Coins

How it works

You find brands who are creating solutions to issues you care about. You align yourself with the community they’re creating by purchasing Value Backed Coins and becoming a co-founder.

Your financial support enables the brands to move forwards with new product development and you have the chance to collaborate in that process. Once the product is ready for sale, you can use your Value Backed Coins to purchase at a discounted price.

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