Our vision

We are working to accelerate the success of solutions to social and environmental challenges. We want to provide the platform companies need to drive real, positive change.

Meet the team

Our leadership team blends a unique combination of expertise. With backgrounds in regulatory finance, risk management, financial services, strategic marketing, enterprise sales and disruptive technology, our joint focus is on collaborating for positive change.
Richard Harries,

Before founding Cofndrs, Richard spent 15 years working with fintechs and financial institutions to help them achieve their strategic, operational and regulatory objectives. Richard believes strongly in the power of collaboration and is passionate about using technology, regulatory and business model innovation to create solutions to social injustice and environmental issues.
Natasha Malhotra, COO

Natasha has 10 years’ experience in financial services regulation and emerging technologies, particularly artificial intelligence. She oversees company operations, implements strategy and is responsible for the operational governance of the business. Natasha started Cofndrs with a view to building a new kind of financial ecosystem.
Peter Ritchie,

Peter is a finance professional with a background in business strategy, financial reporting, operational finance, enterprise risk management, acquisitions and equity financing. He is a strong believer in community service and is the Treasurer of his local Rotary organisation.
David Kelly,

David is a global expert on risk and model governance in finance. He provides strategic oversight of how technology, data and analytics work to ensure a secure platform. He is a proactive supporter of initiatives working for positive mental health in children.  
Heather-Anne Hubbell,
MD Digital Investments

Heather-Anne has deep expertise in corporate governance and digital transformation in financial services. Heather-Anne provides Cofndrs’ strategic governance and regulatory oversight. She is a champion of inclusivity and diversity and is a signatory of the IoD’s Charter of Diversity & Inclusion.
Lucy Woolfenden,

Lucy has 18 years' experience of launching brands and developing them across multiple markets. She works with a wide portfolio of tech startups and her experience includes launching Skype for Mobile, Starling Bank and Yolt. Lucy also mentors startup founders and teams from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Aneet Morar,

Aneet is an award-winning product innovator and has built digital product and partnership capabilities at both start-ups and corporates. He has a particular interest in social causes and diversity, including supporting Women in Tech, leading a BAME program at Lloyds Banking Group and acting as a mentor at Migrant Leaders.
Shrikant Ramakrishnan,
Business Development Director

Shrikant's core experience is in integrating sustainability with consumer demands, educating consumers and systems optimization. He remains a business-to-business (B2B) and a business-to-consumer (B2C) business development executive leading global teams with Emirates Airlines, Travelodge Hotels, QAD Inc. & Plantagon AB.

Our mission

To re-imagine the way you connect with brands. By promoting collaboration, we want to transform you from customer into co-founder.

Our values

Change the game

Do the right thing

Be mission-minded

Get it done

Build collaborative


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